Spare Me


The news about Vhong Navarro is, at first, heart breaking. I mean, in general, no person deserves to be beaten to the point of almost succumbing to death unless, of course, for grave grounds or for justifiable reasons. Well, in my opinion, the proper venue (which is the court) will have its own way of deciding on that matter.

Now, a couple of days have elapsed. We saw and heard the nitty-gritty of the story. From the profiles of the people involved even to people who have no direct business about the news yet ought to jump on the bandwagon.

I see a lot of problems behind this “tara-sa-condo-brouhaha” incident. But more than anything else, I take it as a personal insult as part of the viewing public to be fed by relentless and downright nonsense news about a beaten up celebrity. Of course, there should be a resolution on this matter but to see and to hear the blow – by – blow details of the story on the primetime news everyday is sickening. It is a blatant disregard to the discerning capacity of the viewing audience.

This is not the first nor last time that such phenomena happened. For years, tabloid format news delivery brought more harms than good to the audience. Gone are the days when the newscast every night made sense and would challenge the would – be viewer to think. I really don’t get it why the mainstream media can allot almost half of its airtime to stories like that of Vhong Navarro yet forget to discuss other news – worthy stories.

One of my friends in the media once told me that they cater to the masses. At first, I just nodded and felt that perhaps she was right. But eventually I realized that it’s a faulty assumption to dictate whether or not the “masses” will entertain the fact of digesting news. Following that analogy, are we saying that the poor cannot and will not enjoy something informative just because they are poor? Are we equating one’s social stature to his/her taste (and distaste) about information? While on the other hand, the same analogy suggests that the rich can be more sophisticated in terms of choosing what to watch.

I have always believed that one’s intellectual capacity is not dictated by his stature in life. Maybe a rich person can enhance everything about him/her including the knowledge in his/her head. It’s not surprising anyway, especially if you have all the resources that you need. But it doesn’t follow that you will be intelligent solely because of your economic stability. At the end of the day, a person can be smart regardless of the amount of money in his/her pocket.

Mainstream media can be very dubious and self – righteous in many ways. However, the fact that they treat and dictate what the “masa” will like is an insult rather than pacification. In a way, I’m thinking, maybe this happens because we allowed them to control the passive audience for a very long time now or maybe it’s our fault to bite these rubbish materials which ended up as our daily diet in our boob tube.

My goal is not to blame anyone for this phenomenon. I am just trying to figure out the questions that are posted in my head because of Vhong Navarro’s lingering story. Someday, I might have the right answers to these queries. As for now, spare me from annoyance brought about by the repetitive story which is not so far to America’s Kim Kardashian.


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